How To Make Travel Work

How To Make Travel Work

A lot of people have told me, "I don't know how you make travel possible. It's so expensive!" And while I have been very fortunate in having scholarships and grants to help me financially travel abroad, I have also strived to make the best of my limited funds so that I can visit as many places as possible! 

1. Create Alerts

If you know when and where you'd like to travel head over to TripAdvisor and after filling out that information in their search engine, the results page will show a gray box where you can sign up with your e-mail to receive alerts on the airfare for your desired travel date and location whenever it changes (higher or lower). But, be mindful of the fact that not all airlines provide their prices to third party websites (Southwest, Virgin Airlines, RyanAir, etc.).

2. Airbnb


If you've never heard of this app/website, it is a great way to find cheaper and more private housing. Yes, you MUST do your research (make sure the area is near where you're looking to visit - Rome is bigger than you'd imagine) and message the owner to feel their vibe before paying for anything! Also, read the small print, some renters have placed additional fees that are outside of what you're charged on the app. Included above is a room I stayed at while in Roma. 

3. Bla Bla Car


You've probably now heard of Uber and Lyft, but in Europe there is a ride-sharing website called BlaBlaCar that can be cheaper than taking buses from RyanAir-approved airports to the main city center (again, make sure to do your research because they might not drop you off close enough - Paris is a lot bigger than you'd imagine). 

4. Download Moovit


Seriously one of the best transportation apps that helps you by supplying the routes that take the least amount of time (suggested by locals themselves). This app also works offline when you preload the map information before leaving your wifi hotspot. Whenever you can take public transportation, do it. It will be cheaper and allow you to explore more of the city. What's the cheapest? Walking everywhere and Moovit also has routes for that!

5. WhatsApp

Before you leave home, make sure to download WhatsApp AND set it up! You will be able to text other WhatsApp numbers without the ridiculous roaming charges and without having to buy a new sim card for the country you're visiting. 

6. Groupon, Anyone?

In May, I got to take a 9-day trip across three cities of Costa Rica and enjoyed every second without worrying about what to plan, which sights to see, or finding the best deals for white water rafting because I had purchased a groupon. This website has a massive "Getaways" section that offers amazing deals and different packages (some even include flights) for travel. If you don't have an account click here (this link is unique to me to get referring rewards, but feel free to just go to to check it out before signing up).

7. Try Hotwire

If you're okay with being a bit adventurous as far as where you sleep, Hotwire might be worth a  look! This website allows you to pick between sectioned locations of a city where you wouldn't mind staying, and then allows you to filter your search by hotel star rating, amenities, level of recommendation, and price. You won't know the brand of hotel you'll be staying at, but will be able to pick almost everything else and could get away with saving big cash compared to booking the same hotel through their primary website. 

8. Use E-Bates

This website allows you to earn cashback rewards quarterly for your online purchases when you use their link to make purchases on websites. Sounds fishy, I know, but because E-bates is an official affiliate of online stores, they get money for referring customers (you) to the websites (such as Amazon, Walmart, GoDaddy, American Eagle, etc.) and they in turn give you a part of what they make from the advertising. If you want to create an account click here (this link is unique to me to get referring rewards, but feel free to directly visit to check it out before signing up). 

Do you know of any other tips that can help save some money when planning a trip? Please share below in the comment section! 

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Recently graduated from Arizona State with her bachelors of Science, Yazmin has been able to study abroad twice, has a keen eye for photography, and enjoys writing. Her hope is to reach a wide audience and captivate them with her honesty and humor.